Comics: My Problem With Mainstream Comics Featuring Several X-Men

For me the images above say a lot about how comic fans get their comics delivered. They don’t get one or two X-Men comics they get six. Apparently X-Men: Schism that I’m reading leads to X-MEN: REGENESIS (which Newsarama does a good job of covering). To be honest I’ve had my blinkers on and not really considered that Schism would lead to a relaunch of all the X-Men books but it’s naive of me really. I should have known better. Especially as I fell into the trap of buying X-Men Schism #3 and seeing Schism written on Generation Hope #10, which made it’s digital debut with that issue. So it must be important to the main events right?


And that’s how Marvel/DC get you to buy more than the issues you are interested in. You need to see what is going on off stage and what  is feeding in to the main events themselves.

We’ll see how it goes but this particular experiment may end if I feel that I’m going to buying more than what I want just to feel I’m not missing out.

Speaking disappointments.  It wasn’t a new Dr Strange solo title coming in December it’s a Defenders title. Might be worth picking up but it’s not what I was hoping for.

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